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    Jason Tyler
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    Post  Jason Tyler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:50 pm

    You must choose at least one challengers, but may take as many as they want. A challenge adds a number of points to the character creation pool. Below lists the average extra points awarded for challenges, though extra points are awarded at the Game Masters discretion.


    +3 Triple Changer: You have two alternate forms.
    +4 No alternate mode: You cannot transform.
    +1-3 Minor Disability: One example would be how in the movies Bumblebee couldn't talk, but instead communicated through music. Another example would be the Dinobots speech patterns. Other minor disabilities could include impaired vision, hearing, ect
    +1-5 Special Vulnerabilities: Extra sensitive to sound, fire, ect.
    +4-5 Lost sense: blind, deaf, ect
    +4-5 Restricted Movement: Character has no "legs", but maybe a hover feature, or wheels in robot form.
    +1-3(per symptom) Psychological: temper, fear of heights, ect, angst, ect
    +2 NAIL: character is a non-aligned indigenous life-form. Not Decepticon, or Autobot, ect
    +2 Law Abiding: Won't break the law, disobey command, ect
    +1-3 Powers Dangerous to Self
    +3-5 Major Psychological Restriction: insanity, uncontrollable activities. Think of Galvatron, or Rampage from Beast Wars.
    +2 Master: Character is a head master or target master.
    +1-3 Chronic Disease or Condition
    +1-5 Combiner: Character is a part of a team of combiners.
    +1-5 Underdog: Character has a compulsion to stick up for the underdog
    +1-3 Haunted Past
    +1-5 Deadly Enemies
    +1-5 Conflicting Interests: a "nice" decepticon, or "cutthroat" autobot.

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