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    Advantages & Disadvantages

    Jason Tyler
    Big Boss
    Big Boss

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    Advantages & Disadvantages

    Post  Jason Tyler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:32 pm

    Actions or Modifiers start off each level with a base cost. That cost can either be increased or decreased by taking on Advantages or Disadvantages. If you so choose, you can apply any Advantage or Disadvantage to your Actions or Modifiers.

    Description vs Cost Increase
    Each additional Element +1 Level
    Retractable Claws, Wings, ect
    Weapons materialize to/from subspace
    +1 Level
    Works at increased range +1 Level/extra range #
    Others benefit from power +3 Levels
    Area Effect + 3 Levels
    Artificially Intelligent* +3 Levels
    2x Damage +2 Levels
    3x Damage +4 Levels
    Extra Ability Bonus/Weapon Modifier +5 Levels
    Disables if any damage occurs
    (knock out, paralyzed, ect)
    +5 Levels
    Attack vs Enemy Ability
    (as opposed to vs defense)
    +6 Levels
    *Applicable to Modifiers Only

    Description vs Cost Decrease
    Not Particularly Useful
    (Game Master discretion)
    -1 Level
    One Target Only
    (may not split between targets)
    -1 Level
    Automatically Causes
    Collateral Damage
    (as fire, machine gunes, ect)
    -1 Level
    Takes Extra Time
    To Prepare
    -1 Level
    No Bonus
    (only if power normally comes with a bonus)
    -2 Levels
    Can't be improved by upgrading -2 Levels
    Energon Cubes cannot be
    split between attack/defense
    -2 Levels
    Power out of control
    without device
    -2 Levels
    Counterattack only; may
    not initiate attack
    (applies to combot Actions)
    -2 Levels
    Power Weaker away
    from Power Source
    -2 Levels

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