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    Character Modifiers

    Jason Tyler
    Big Boss
    Big Boss

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    Character Modifiers

    Post  Jason Tyler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:30 pm

    Modifiers allow you to add free Energon Cubes to some aspect of play, including Action Boxes or directly to your Defense Area. Modifiers don't need stones in play to be active; they are always "on".

    Important Note: Modifiers can't be improved by upgrading. For the most part, Modifiers don't change over time other than by something major happening. Characters can lose their Modifiers in the course of play due to an accident or the Actions of another character. Experimentation can impact on Modifiers, for better or worse.

    If you want a modifier that is not present, PM me and we will discuss the possibilities.

    Level vs Cost
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    4 6
    5 9
    6 12
    7 18
    8 27
    9 36
    10 45
    Each Level Above 10 Add 15

    So to take a look at an example from below, if you wanted the Modifier of "Claws", at a Modifier Level of 3 how much would that cost? The base cost of the Claws Modifier is, Modifier +4 Levels. If you wanted a modifier of 3, then add +4, which equals 7. The cost of level 7 is 18 points, so it would cost 18 points to have a "claws" modifier of level 3.

    Modifier - Description - Cost

    Reinforced Chassis Prevents broken arms, legs, ect.
    If acquired during play, and
    not character generation then
    increase the characters Durability
    by 1. You still have to pay for
    this cost and may do so by taking
    on additional Challenges. This is
    a modified version of the Marvel
    Universes "Adamantium Skeleton" to
    give you an idea.
    9 Points
    Animal Senses Useful if character has or obtains
    a "beast" form. This costs nothing
    extra to use and is active at all
    times. This gives you the heightened
    senses of that animal in the wild,
    such as keen scent, hearing, night
    vision, ect. You may also purchase
    Reflective Dodge at -1 Cost to Level.
    Cost Level=
    Modifier Number
    Armor Penetration Armor Penetration is treated as
    a modifier for Close Combat in
    which a physical attack ignores
    enemy armor/toughness. If weapon
    is made from the same material as
    armor, then treat combat as normal.
    Use this Modifier descriptively,
    as it can create many opportunities.
    Cannot penetrate Reinforced Chassis.
    +3 Cost Levels
    to Close Combat
    Claws This is treated as a Modifier for
    Close Combat. The modifier cubes
    are free. If you want to retract
    claws, you must pay extra.
    Cost Level=
    +4 Levels

    Defense, Energy Not a shield. Good vs
    all forms of energy attacks for
    as many cubes as your Modifier
    number. This allows an automatic
    Modifier to your defense vs energy
    based attacks. This includes energy
    based physical weapons.
    Cost Level=
    Modifier Number
    Defense, Mental This is a great bonus to
    your "mind". Good versus all types
    of mental attacks. This defense
    modifier is added to your intelligence
    for defense against any relevant
    attack. Telepathic characters get
    this automatically.
    Immortality Your character will not die
    from natural causes. Your characters
    body may still be destroyed, but
    their Spark lives on. How and when
    your Spark reignites depends on the
    manner in which your character is
    Cost= 9 Points
    Self Repair This modifier is an adapted
    version of Healing Factor. You have
    the ability to heal rapidly and
    recover from fatigue with incredible
    speed. Heal 3 cubes of health every
    hour, and 9 Energon Cubes per panel
    for every 2 cubes of health.
    Cost Level=
    Durability Number
    +2 Levels

    Immovability This makes you an "immovable object"
    for as long as you're conscious, no
    matter who or what hits you.
    9 points
    Luck (Personal) Choose One of the following-
    Good Luck: Add up to your Modifier
    Number in free Energon Cubes to any
    Action so that you succed by 1.
    Note; If you'd still be unable to
    succeed after adding your extra
    cubes, you do not get to add any.

    Bad Luck: Subtract up to your Modifier
    Number in cubes from any Action of
    your opponent so that he fails by 1.
    Note; If you'd still be unable to
    succeed after adding your extra
    cubes, you do not get to add any.
    Cost Level=
    + 6 Levels
    Prescience This is superior to mere
    Animal Senses. It warns a character
    of danger unseen and unheard shortly
    before it happens, unless specifically
    masked by more Energon Cubes then the
    level learned. A convenient tool to
    know if trouble is around the corner.
    The practical application of the power
    is that the player may rearrange his
    Energon Cube allocation after he
    becomes aware of the enemy attack.
    Cost Level=
    18 Points
    Radar Senses Perceive minutes changes in
    the temperature and pressure of the
    surrounding atmosphere. Identify
    individuals no matter how they may
    try to camouflage. Sense if someone
    is lying by listening to electrical
    charges in their processor.
    Cost Level=
    +2 Levels

    Reflexive Dodge Acts as a defensive modifier
    the same way Toughness does. It has
    no effect against Actions like
    Telepathy or Area Attacks.
    Cost Level=
    +3 Levels
    Sonar Sense Detect sonar reflections (100'
    per Modifier Number). This gives a
    character a 3-D contour picture of
    the physical elements in his
    environment. Will detect invisible
    physical objects.
    Cost Level=
    Targeting Adds Modifier's worth of stones
    to Ranged Combat attack or variable
    rang energy attacks like Force Blast.
    Cost Level=
    +4 Levels
    Toughness This protects you without
    spending Energon Cubes against any
    physical damage.
    Bonus Options: Nullifies Armor
    Pennetration (+1 to Cost Level)
    Nullifies 2x Damage from
    Firearms or Projectiles (+1 to
    Cost Level)
    Cost Level=
    +3 Levels

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